"Locked my keys out of the car in Beverly, MA and these good samaritans at Light Speed were driving by and stopped to help out! Free of charge, just being good people. Super appreciated on a freezing cold night and in great need of a hand. I recommend them to anyone, this act of kindness says a lot about who they are. Thank you and I will be paying it forward."

-Sean O.

"A big shout out to DJ who saved my daughter and I today!! Another company had come out first (I waited for them for over an hour!) but once things become a little tough, he threw in the towel and left me and my 5 year old stranded again. My insurance company called LightSpeed and thank God!! DJ arrived in less than 20 minutes and had me on my way in less than 5!! He turned my awful day into a very happy one!! I highly recommend them and will be using them in the future!!"

-Briana Froemming

"Thanks for the tow today! Didn't think the repo truck would be able to pick up my lowered cobalt. But it did no problem, no damage! Thanks Guys!" 
-Joe Lyons​

"Quick response, showed up right when they said they would, made our situation a whole lot easier after the hurricane! I would call this company for any vehicle issues! Much more reliable than a AAA tow."

"Thank you LightSpeed Towing for not only towing a car to my shop today but putting it right where I wanted it. Backed it right inside for me, great guys, excellent service!" 
-Keith Edwards

"Great, reliable, and fast service! We have called for a tow on two occasions and he has come within an hour! We will definitely be calling again!"

"Hello there, I just wanted to thank you for helping my son, for towing the car to the dealership. Very quick and fast, you stand up to your name! Thank you again! I will definitely keep you in mind for any SOS needs!"
-Gallo Person

"Hello Tom, We wanted to drop you a quick note, we made it back home safe and sound, due entirely to the work and kindness of you and your team. Honestly, last night could have been so much worse for us. Obviously it was not how we planned our return trip but you guys softened the blow, so thank you again!"
-Rob and Kristen

"David went above and beyond. David, the greatest tow guy, he went out of his way to help me and my family at a stressful time. David needs a raise, he is a great worker. He should be the employee of the year. He had made my day."
-Lynda Donaldson

"Jeff went far above and beyond for me. I will recommend LST to everyone because of Jeff. I greatly appreciate the extra care he took to get my low vehicle on and off the truck without scraping."

"By far one of the best companies out there wouldn't use anyone else to tow my high end vehicles!"
-Rob C.

"Quick service at a fair price.  Nick took great care of my truck.  Great service all around."
-Bruce B.

"Just had my Hyundai Sonata towed today....had two flat tires and needed to be towed to auto repair shop...just wanted to say that the gentleman who came was excellent and did a very good job with getting my vehicle to it's destination safely...I felt bad that I wasn't able to give him a tip considering the hard work and how hot/humid it was today...his response was for me to leave a good review on here....it's the first thing I did since getting back home cause I wanted to make sure I didn't forget to leave the great review....I would highly recommend these guys to anyone needing roadside assistance for their vehicle....Thanks Again!"

-David Benoit

"These guys are professionals they do a good job securing your vehicle and safely transporting your vehicle safely I would recommend them highly."

-Eddie Tavares Junior

"Lightspeed Towing was the second service that was called from liberty mutual roadside assistance. They arrived in the time allowed. The owner came himself and was very helpful, polite, and informative. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs towing or other car assistance help."

-Donna L.

"Speedy, friendly service."

-Corin Brennan

"Thanks to DJ for helping to get my wife's vehicle over to the shop, and for helping answer a number of my sons questions. Cheers to you!"

-Peter Nields

"Thank you for such great service!"

-Elaine Morello

"James Wright went above-and-beyond to service my vehicle needs. He showed up to tow me, only to discover that my battery was dead. After multiple attempts, he got my car started....towed it to a local tire shop...and was friendly and focused throughout the process. Exceptional customer service - made the Monday morning a little less stressful."

-William Curtis

"I called Volvo On Call for help when my car did not start.  Within 30 minutes James and his tow truck from LightSpeed arrived.  Apparently their name says it all.  I have used AAA in the past and was left waiting for over an hour.  I could not be happier with the great service James provided in quickly coming to my rescue."

-Just The Facts M.

"DJ came to my rescue! He was prompt and very kind! Never had such an informative driver! I would recommend this company!"

-Michelle Landers

"I was riding my motorcycle and then all of a sudden I started wobbling . I pulled off onto the first exit I could. Flat tire.  I called my insurance company and they dispatched lightspeed towing . They estimated an hour so I got a ride to the mall and came back 45 minutes later to find a flat bed trailer waiting to pick up my bike. Tom, the owner, loaded my bike on and strapped it down explaining why he was doing it this way . He took care and consideration for my bike even though it was a 1987 . He treated my bike as if it was my pride and joy which it is. He was helpful and friendly . One of the last few who actually care about the customer . Lightspeed towing is who I will call to make sure my vehicles get back safely . Thank you Tom."

-Tristen H.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

"Just got my car unlocked by Tom at Cumberland farms. Great guy. Good service. Thank you."

-Pablo F.

"Needed roadside assistance for a flat tire. This was set up through my insurance company but when they received the info from my insurance company I received a call from the driver letting me know he was on his way. Considering the first company that was supposed to come out had decided to go to another call but didn't inform me or my insurance company, this call was very reassuring.  Arrived fast and was very friendly and helpful."

-Elizabeth P.

"Great company to deal with. State of the art equipment and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend!​"

-Michael Farrell

"Thank you to Tom who came to my rescue today. He went above and beyond when another company failed me. Great service! I highly recommend them!"

-Angela Proper

"Super helpful - Thanks to Tom and James S. for their prompt response and finding a way to get the car on the road."

-Susan Sahagian DesRoches

Family owned and operated since 2010.

"My driver was James Wright very professional and polite I needed to get my daughter to school NO PROBLEM Thank you for making a bad situation not so bad. Keep up the great work! #HAPPYCUSTOMER"

-Jennifer M. Renaud

"LST is great!!!! The best customer service. I would recommend them to all my family and friends."

-Jennifer O'Leary Cohen

Subject: Helpful
"Thanks Tom for helping me getting my car started!! You’re a very kind guy. And when n if I need car work done I’ll gladly take the ride up to Pelham."

-Anne (Amesbury)

"I was extremely pleased. The driver Tom, took the time to look at my car first before towing.  He was kind and treated me very well
He even went out of his way to drive me home 
Wonderful customer service 
I would recommend them"

-Carolyn R.

"Thank you Light Speed Towing! Your customer service is outstanding and my client was thrilled. You went above and beyond for her!"

-Mary Logue (All State Rep.)

LightSpeed Towing

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"Timely service & exceptional quality. We hit a rock and car got stuck into a tree. Guys brought a car down from a tree without hitting a rock right below. We strongly recommend everyone not to hit rock or get stuck into tree, but if you do then call Light Speed guys. 2018 Audi A4."

-Nikhil Pendharkar

"Hi my name is Jim, my gmc envoy wouldn’t go into gears so I called for a tow as I was waiting which the tow guy was there in seconds I got the truck to go into shift so I drove it home as the tow guy followed me until I got home! I really appreciate that . I give this company a 5+ star all day!!! Thank you very much."

-Jim Frederick


"I really I appreciate the service it’s quick and professional."

-Maj Jr Augustin

"When my Jeep failed to start, I called Chrysler roadside service who dispatched the tow request to a different company. That company said they would be there in 3 hours but the time came and went. I called them and they said they needed more information so they cancelled the call, all without telling me! Chrysler requested another dispatch and within ten minutes David called me and said he is on his way and would arrive at 8:20PM. He was within a couple minutes of that time! David was very pleasant and didn't mind any of the questions I had. I am definitely keeping your phone number in all three of my vehicles just in case! Thank you very much!"

-James Hein

"Called AAA to get a flat tire changed, first company didn't have a big enough jack, AAA then called you guys. Was at the house within an hour or so, and David got the flat tire off and spare on in no time. Much appreciated. Thanks David!"

-Carolyn Davis

"My neighbor of many years owns this company and I'd trust him with my life!"

-Marcia Sweezey

"I felt the need to let you know that Nick provided great service in getting my car towed home today. Very professional member of your team! Keep up the great service!"
-Jamie Desjardins

"This guy was RIGHT on time - very friendly & helpful - and the PRICE was EXTREMELY cheap...!!!!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend this towing company to ALL my friends....... Give 'em a call."

"If you need these kind of services call these guys! We were stuck on a snow bank off the road and called them. The tow truck driver was about a half an hour away, but they had a service driver in the area who came and waited with us until the tow truck arrived. Both guys were super nice! I'm giving their cards to my friends and family without a doubt lol!!!"

"Great Website!"
-Jennifer Cohen

"Great service and very friendly!"

"Thank you so much, i highly recommend your services. You're fast and reliable!!"

"Thank you Lightspeed Towing for rescuing us today!! They hauled my truck and trailer (with horse) back home! Everyone arrived safe and happy! We can't thank you enough!"

-Alexis Baker

"Job well done... lol"

-Jeffrey Johnson

"A great company, helped us smile even in a bad situation. Their driver showed up quickly and helped my family get home, and our car to a garage. He even brought our groceries home for us. I recommend these guys to anyone!"

"I felt like I was a member of the family after my experience. My driver, Nick was very careful loading my vehicle and triple checked his hooks. There needs to be more companies like you guys!"
-Rob M.

"One of the best towing companies around. The staff is friendly and  hard working. The company name is true to its meaning, fast service for sure!! If you never had a tow from them absolutely consider this one before any other! :)"

"Great company to work with highly recommended!!!!!!!!"

-Ginger Eaves Camp

"Fast and very professional, highly recommend for any car trouble."

-Shawn Matuszewski

"Subject: Absolutely impressive
I would like to thank Light Speed Towing for stopping on 27 August 2015 at the junction of Mammoth rd and Sherburne rd. Tom and his co-worker assisted myself and my Cusin with my flat tire. I was so thankful that he had pulled over to make sure we where safe #1. He was professional and also gave us useful information about his line of work I was not aware of. Light Speed Towing totally made an Awesome 1st impression. I will recommend this towing and road side service to EVERYONE I know. Thank You again I greatly appreciated Your help."
-Bonnie Cote

"I am very impressed with DJ. He was prompt, professional and very personable. He knew exactly what he was doing."

-AAA Customer

"Called my roadside assistance number through Geico Insurance for a dead battery and got LightSpeed Towing. They came right to my house and quickly jump started the car, made it to work by 9:30!"

-Meghan T.